Library Policies

As of March 2015

Library patrons are responsible for knowing and adhering to the library policies. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in a loss of borrowing privlileges.


Anyone may visit the library and enjoy the collection at the Alliance. However, a membership with the Alliance Française de Washington is required to check out books. Library membership is not automatic when you join the Alliance. New members must come by the library and register their card (free service). We are on the ground floor of the AF building at Dupont. Library hours are different from the office hours of the Alliance.


  • New DVDs: 1 week
  • All other items: 3 weeks (books, regular DVDs, CDs, magazines, language learning)

The number of items you can borrow depends on your type of membership.

Regular Memberships (Student Pass/YP)
Family Memberships
6 Books : fiction, non-fiction, language-learning
10 Books : fiction, non-fiction, language-learning
6 CDs : music, audiobooks, language-learning
10 CDs : music, audiobooks, language-learning
4 DVDs : movies, language-learning
6 DVDs : movies, language-learning
2 Book + CDs : fiction, language-learning
4 Books + CDs : fiction, language-learning
1 CD-Rom
1 CD-Rom
6 Magazines*, incl. Bien-Dire, Champs-Elysées 8 magazines* incl. Bien-Dire, Champs-Elysées
5 Kids' Books
10 Kids' Books
5 Kids' CDs : music, audiobooks 10 Kids' CDs : music, audiobooks
2 Kids' DVDs 3 Kids' DVDs
1 Kids' book + CD
2 Kids' books + CDs
2 Kids' magazines
5 Kids' magazines

*The most recent issues of our magazines may not be checked out.


You may renew by:
Phone: 202-234-7911 ext. 814
Online: using your ID and password
Overdue items may be renewed, but accounts will be charged an interim fee (see below).
New DVDs and select language learning sets are non-renewable

Items may be renewed up to two times for a total of nine weeks unless:
  • The item in question is a new DVD, or language learning material marked "non renewable"
  • Another member has requested the item

Online account

The last numbers after the zero on your membership card are your online library ID and password. This account allows you to:
  • Reserve items that are currently checked out
  • Renew your items before their due date
  • Search our collection

Late fees

Refer to the stamped date due slip on each item for the due date. Failure to receive the three-day "warning" e-mail before the due date will not excuse late fees.
Failure to abide by library policies will not excuse the borrower from paying late fees.
Fines do not accrue when the library is closed (Friday, Sunday, snow days, certain public holidays).
Borrowing privileges are suspended if you have an outstanding fee of $10 or more.

  • Books, CDs, regular DVDs, magazines: 25 cents per item, per day
  • New DVDs: $1.00 per item, per day

Loss, damage or failure to return borrowed items

You are responsible for the items you borrow. We ask that you return items in the same condition as when you borrowed them.
If borrowed items are damaged or lost, we will charge the following replacement fees:

  • Books, DVDs, picture books, audiobooks: $20 per item
  • Magazines (children and adults): $10 per item

Donation policy

The library welcomes donations of books in French in good condition. Any materials that are not integrated into the collection will be sold for the benefit of the AFDC library. Please email with any additional questions.

Thank you for adhering to these policies, which help us ensure that all members have equal access to the collection.

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