Photo Contest "Vue de ma fenêtre"

#vuedemafenetre #mywindowontotheworld

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, our relationship with the outside world has changed dramatically. In these new circumstances, we are adjusting to a new way of life, and discovering new things about the world, ourselves, and the things around us. Our window has suddenly taken on more meaning as it is now one of the few physical ways to connect with the world. We are launching this project to inspire you to document what the world looks like from your window in these strange times.

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About the Organizer

The organizer of this photo contest is Alliance Française of Washington, DC (hereinafter referred to as “AFDC” or the “Organizer”). The AFDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization which serves as the leading center for French language, French culture and francophone resources in the Nation’s Capital.

How to Participate

Starting April 24th, share a photo you have taken from your window via Instagram or Facebook, mentioning the hashtags #vuedemafenetre #mywindowontotheworld as well as AFDC’s handles (for Facebook: @AFWDC, for Instagram: @afwashington_dc) so that your contribution is taken into account.

Attention! You Instagram or Facebook account should be public so that your contribution is visible to the Organizer. Otherwise, you should follow @AFWDC on Facebook and/or @afwashington_dc on Instagram.

Entry Period

April 24th thru May 24th, 2020 midnight EST time

Submission Rules

  • Entry is limited to original works that have not formerly been displayed or exhibited and for which the entrant holds all applicable rights.
  • Any equipment can be used: Image data files created with any device capable of taking still images, including smartphones and digital still cameras (including medium and large-format digital cameras).
  • Images that have been retouched by using camera apps, photo editing apps, or other software will be accepted.
  • Both color and monochrome images will be accepted.
  • Winners might be asked to provide higher resolution images for publication or display purposes related to the contest.
  • Only one photograph per participant is accepted.
  • Works that are identical or similar to another submitted work ("identical or similar works"*1) are ineligible for submission.*1 "Identical or similar works" refers to the following works: ?? a work produced from identical image data, ?? a work produced by cropping or retouching identical image data to alter it, or ?? a work produced from similar, though not identical, image data as described in ?? or ?? above (e.g. a frame from the same series of shots, photography conducted at a different date or time yet producing the same result, or a work otherwise deemed to be similar).


The contest is open to all amateurs regardless of age, gender, or nationality, members and non-members of the AFDC. The contest is not open to employees of the AFDC or their immediate families.

Assessment and awards

All submissions with #vuedemafenetre #mywindowontotheworld hashtags and mentioning @AFWDC (Facebook) and/or @afwashington_dc (Instagram) will be reviewed and assessed by a jury composed of the AFDC staff members from May 24th thru June 1st.

The three winners will be announced on our social media accounts, our website, and our newsletter. Winners non-members will be rewarded with a free year-long individual membership to AFDC, and winners who are members of AFDC will receive a free pass to any AFDC event not exceeding 60 dollars, valid for a year from the date of the award.  

Publication Authorization

  • By taking part in this photo contest and submitting their photographs via Instagram or Facebook, participants authorize the Organizer, free of any cost, to publish their submissions on the Organizer’s website, via social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or in any third party publication. The photographs will only be used in connection with the said competition and will be accompanied by a photo credit.
  • By taking part in this photo contest and submitting their photographs via Instagram or Facebook, participants agree to respect the right of publicity of any persons photographed and the copyright related to the reproduction and representation of any work appeared in a recognizable form on the photographs; and therefore to obtain any authorization required for the use of the photographs for the needs of the contest. The photographer being personally responsible for the content of his photograph, must be in possession of these authorizations before posting their photograph on Instagram or Facebook for the competition organized by the AFDC.

Winners of the contest will be asked to sign a Release Form and a Consent Form published on our website.

General Conditions

  • Photos must be taken from home and posted on Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtags #vuedemafenetre #mywindowontotheworld and mentioning AFDC handles (for Facebook: @AFWDC, for Instagram: afwashington_dc).
  • COVID-19 related rules and security measures introduced in your country/state/city must be observed.
  • Participants are prohibited from publishing or sharing any photograph of a pornographic, racist, or xenophobic nature, as well as any photograph which is likely to harm in any way privacy, honor, and/or reputation of any privative individual or legal person.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to remove without notice or justification any photograph considered as not complying with the above-mentioned conditions.


Marilyn Matar, Bethesda, Maryland


Sabina Mastle Torres, Rockville, Maryland


Renee Alexander, Dupont Circle, DC




Simon Bascoulergue, Paris, France


Audrey Freiburghaus, Col des Mosses, canton of Vaud, Switzerland


Larissa Noury, Paris, France


Hélène Suteau, Paris, France

Helene 2

Damien Trari Tani, Paris, France