Child Placement Test Schedule

There are no upcoming appointment slots.

Please note that we are currently still accepting placement tests online. Tests will not take place at the Alliance Francaise.

Please note that the Evaluation of children and teens who are native-speakers of French is done by the Executive Director around her schedule. Do not use the scheduler below. Instead, email her at:

  1. Use the scheduler below to book a placement test for your kid(s) or teen(s) for French as a Foreign Language only. Please note:

. Please refer to our policy page for more information.

2. To schedule a Placement Test for Francophone / French-speaking children or teens for the GAVROCHES, FREF or LES ADOS classes, please email the Executive Director at: It should be arranged around her schedule until further notice. Please note:

If you are scheduling for more than one kid or teen, you may book back-to-back slots.

Please note:  to schedule a placement test, you will need to login to or create a free AFDC account and provide information about your child(ren) - their current age and their current French proficiency. 

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