Library patrons are responsible for knowing and adhering to the library policies. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in a loss of borrowing privileges.


Anyone may visit the library and enjoy the collection at the Alliance. However, a membership with the Alliance Française de Washington is required to check out books. Library membership is not automatic when you join the Alliance. New members must come by the library and register their card (free service). We are on the ground floor of the AF building at Dupont. Library hours are different from the office hours of the Alliance.


The number of items you can borrow depends on your type of membership.

AFDC Library Borrowing

*New DVDs and certain language sets may NOT be renewed

**The most recent issues of our magazines may not be checked out.


You may renew by:

Overdue items may be renewed, but accounts will be charged an interim fee (see below).

New DVDs and select language learning sets are non-renewable

Items may be renewed up to two times for a total of nine weeks unless:

Online account

Library accounts are created on demand. If you do not yet have a library account, please write to to have your account set up.

To log into your online library account through our catalog, please use the following parameters:

Username: Your 7-digit permanent AFDC member number (i.e. "1234567")
Password: The last 4 digits of your permanent AFDC member number (i.e. "4567")

This account allows you to:

Late fees

Wireless Internet access

The Alliance provides access to the Internet via a wireless network (Wi-Fi) for patrons and guests to use with their personal computers and mobile devices. The Library also provides first come, first serve access to iPads, which are available to check out by members in exchange for a driver’s license or other official form of identification.

Library staff reserves the right to set limits or Internet use session(s) a patron may have per day with Library-owned equipment. Library staff may designate and restrict the use of computer equipment.

The Alliance is not responsible for any theft, damage, or misuse of patrons’ devices and other mobile devices while devices are in use in the library.

Patrons are expected to comply with local laws regarding access to sites containing adult content that would be considered obscene, pornographic or illegal in nature. Wi-Fi access is unsecured. Anti-virus, security and privacy protection are the responsibility of the patron.

Failure to comply with this policy, or misuse of the Alliance’s networks, materials, software or equipment, including patrons’ personal computers and other mobile devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, may result in the loss of computer access privileges, potential loss of library privileges and possible criminal prosecution.

Donation policy

Please note, we are no longer accepting donations at this time. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Alliance Française DC Library! Due to extremely limited space -and because the building is closed due to Covid19-, donations are by appointment only. Appointments can be made by writing to the library at If you are interested in donating, please e-mail us to learn more about what kinds of items we are accepting, and to specify how many items you would like to give. We would hate for your book donations to stay outside the building and be damaged by inclement weather.

Any materials that are not integrated into the collection will be sold for the benefit of the AFDC library. Additionally, the library reserves the right to decline donation offers due to space and/or collection restraints. Please email if you have any additional questions.

Thank you for adhering to these policies, which help us ensure that all members have equal access to the collection.